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Originally Posted by Sheck44 View Post
Ok .. so how about tranny and transfer case, this is what I've been agonizing over lately. Go 5 spd or auto ??? and then which transfer case ... 1980 to 1990 FJ60 TC are the ones to go with but soooo hard to find.

Oh and btw ... have you seen the new HDX gauges from DD !!??

Matt at Classic Bow Ties is a huge TLC fan and is doing some VERY good deals, ordering my gauges from him shortly

We're doing the 6L80 that came with our L99 pullout (wife definitely wanted auto, no discussion). Sticking with the stock Toyota transfer case for now, if it starts acting up I will probably do the Orion upgrade from Advance.

We are definitely doing the HDX. And Vintage Air. Waiting on the LS swap this coming winter to change all that stuff. That is good to know about Matt and FJs, I've bought from them on other projects and always top notch. Of course he is having a big sale right now, we just dropped money on our LS!... but I'm sure he'll have another big sale between now and the end of the year.

I'm looking at Advance Adapters for most of my conversion stuff, they are just about a one-stop shop. Have you looked at any conversion stuff?

You remind me of the timing on a turbo engine...
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