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Originally Posted by 572Camaro View Post
My 68 Camaro utilizes a 4L80E.
I like hardline stainless.
I ran 5/16” diameter Swagelok 316 alloy SS.
5/16” may sound small but I got that direction from Gordon Stoney who was supervising engineer for Hydromatic Division at GM.

I autocross (not very good at it) and “spirited driving” on the street.
Mark Bowler sold me the transmission case fittings from Sonnix and he knew I was running 5/16” lines with no worries.

CONCERN: make sure you get the proper trans case fittings because, at least for my 4L80E, the rear fitting has a nozzle that lubricates rear spider gears. No nozzle = burnt gears! I learned this from Mark Bowler.

If you go flex, please get PTFE.

Thanks and best of luck
That’s some good info, especially about the fittings, never would’ve considered that…thank you for the feedback!

Link to my 68 Camaro build thread:

Link to my 67 Nova build thread:
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