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Originally Posted by 572Camaro View Post
My 68 Camaro utilizes a 4L80E.
I like hardline stainless.
I ran 5/16” diameter Swagelok 316 alloy SS.
5/16” may sound small but I got that direction from Gordon Stoney who was supervising engineer for Hydromatic Division at GM.

I autocross (not very good at it) and “spirited driving” on the street.
Mark Bowler sold me the transmission case fittings from Sonnix and he knew I was running 5/16” lines with no worries.

CONCERN: make sure you get the proper trans case fittings because, at least for my 4L80E, the rear fitting has a nozzle that lubricates rear spider gears. No nozzle = burnt gears! I learned this from Mark Bowler.

If you go flex, please get PTFE.

Thanks and best of luck
572 Camaro,
On my 4L80E I ran 3/8 line did you have a discuss with Gordon of the effects of 5/16 vs 3/8 line just inquiring if there were any particular reason of the 5/16 line. Would be hard for me to change now anyway.
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