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Originally Posted by piratebaseball View Post
I could be wrong, but did you go with Art Morrison front clip and IRS rear suspension? How does it compare to the ridetech ride? I've got the coilover system and 4 link, but it is the older style from back around 2008. Not really pleased with the ride quality of it.
I built two Camaros. A 69 vert for my wife with full Ridetech and a 69 coupe with Art Morrison IRS and front subframe. Difference was night and day. The AME car is the nicest riding first gen Camaro I have been in by a wide margin. The Ridetech ride was harsh and we sold the car because of it after trying several spring rates. Even had Brett drive the car after doing all the things he recommended. Biggest issue was any discontinuity in the pavement.

It’s a shame the Art Morrison IRS is so expensive because it could be a real game changer imho.


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