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Originally Posted by WSSix View Post
A few weeks ago I discovered that the front was not only not dropped correctly but that my spindles were not machined correctly. I ended up replacing the drop spindles with new ones and got lowering springs. I'm now sitting with a 4.5 inch drop in the front courtesy of McGaughys components. No idea what drop I have in the rear as it's just 2" drop shackles and I have two leafs left. I estimate its a 5-6 inch drop. I doubt I'll go lower because I like it how it is now.
Based on the pics I'd say you're very close to 6" rear drop. Not a fan of shackles & removing leafs as it reduces the ability for a truck to do truck stuff. Ridetech has a nice 4-bar C/O set-up for these & Detroit Speed introduced new stuff this year.

With a young-gun on the way, you might need to step up your capacity....
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