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I believe the manufactures will shy away from suggesting locations for liability reasons.
I'm going to place both an automatic head and a manual head on the firewall near the top and mostly centered. For the automatic head, higher is better of course because heat rises which should provide for the fastest trip of that head. I like the redundancy of the automatic system and the extra cost was minimal - for sure it's real purpose is for a situation that the driver is unable to set off the system.
From what I've seen in demo videos and from talking to 3 of the more prominent manufactures, the volume of retardant from a 10 lb bottle is more than enough for the engine bay, cab and fuel tank for "most fires" even with just a single head in each location. After good advice for others here, I will just let the 10lb bottle take care of the engine bay and fuel tank and add a separate 5lb system for the cab with 2 nozzles in the dash and one behind driver.

Again, I'm no expert and fortunately have never had a fire so please, the above is just my humble approach trying to combine others experience with manufactures words while stirring in some common sense and build logistics.

Have a great day!

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