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Default Sub Frame Pictures

Here are some sub frame pictures Mike blasted the sub and found it had been hit on the drivers side . So he suggested we cut the crossmember in front of the motor and replace it with the set up they use to install a Rack system. Then he fixed any rusted mounting points . Then he welded all the seams solid, and ground it smooth. He powder coated all the parts It has DSE upper control arms with Xtall ball joints ,Speed tech lower control arms . All new Moog steering components with tall outer tie rod ends to combat bumpsteer. 3" drop springs with single adjustable Vari shocks and a dse front sway bar. Check it out its the first part for the car thats finnished!

Her is what it looks like now

These don't show it with the coil spring in but it is done now.
What do you think

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