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Originally Posted by jlwdvm View Post
Hoping to get a 2-post lift ordered in the next 10 days. It will be for personal use and needs to be a base plate model due to my 112" post height limitation. My overall garage height is over 10.5", but there are 2 spanning beams in the ceiling that support the bedrooms above the garage that are right where my posts need to go! I am looking to spend between $15-2300. We are pouring footings for the posts this week. It seems like I have been researching this forever and still can't make up my mind. Are there any lifts out there that you have had experience with that a guy should stay away from?
I'd just make sure to buy something that is ALI/ETL certified. I have a shorter ceiling in my shop as well but I was able to get away with a challenger E10 clear floor lift. I just put the cross bar up and over the rafters. My '69 camaro will go all the way up! My lift was $2700 shipped and it's 10,000 lbs rated.

This pic was when we were installing it. I've gotten rid of some of the junk since then.

P.S. I will never ever know how I got along without this lift. It makes everything so much easier and makes things enjoyable that previously weren't.
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