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Originally Posted by jlwdvm View Post
Everything in my price range is made in China! So I think I may have found a good Chinese-made lift backed by a reputable American company: The guys over on seem to think highly of Direct Lift which is a division of the same company that owns Rotary Lifts.
It's not certified AND it's made in China. Remember that you're going to be under this thing....with a large heavy car on it. IMHO, spend a few minutes checking out YouTube videos of lift failures and then proceed to save up a few hundred more bucks and get one that's at least certified.

Full disclosure: Mine is Challengers less expensive model with some parts made in China BUT it's ALI/ETL certified at 10,000 lbs; 2,000 lbs more than the one you linked, and its only $400 over your price range. I'm not telling you to get the brand I have, just that a few hundred more can get you a beefier unit and some piece of mind. I went through the same thing you are going through before deciding to cough up the extra dough.
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