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1) You need to run the main power and ground wire back to the battery.

2) The fuel pump needs to be controlled by the sniper for proper priming but you could use a different wire to extend it as long as it is a large gauge.

3) The HEI tack output goes to the sniper, the sniper tack output goes to the tack, it cannot be piggy backed.

4) Don't know, not a Chevy guy, I have an HEI on my ford. The key on wire does not carry much current, so as long as it is a good source it would probably be fine to wire in parallel to the dizzy power. Make sure you have a good ground from the dizzy to the block.

5) once you get it running you can modify the HEI for timing control by using the magnetic pickup and locking out the rotor and vac advance.
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