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I went with the Tacoma Company set up few months ago and will say Mike can back his product up!!!!!!! He is first willing to spend time talking to you about your setup and what your wanting to do/need to blast. Parts ship fast and even sent me some new stuff to try out! His product was pretty straight forward and the few questions I did have to ask he always answered his phone and was more willing to help me out. I was so happy once I got it ready to blast at the difference it made compared to H/F unit. I did use my H/F cabinet just ditch all but case. Trust me guy's you will not go wrong with Mikes setup and I plan to buy his dust collector and more media from him cause I got a great product,super support and someone that cares about what there selling and the customer. I can not say enough good things about Tacoma Company and wanna say if you ever read this Mike sorry took so long to give feed back and your a top notch guy!!!!!!!!!!! Brandon
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