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Default TMCP #362{Rick Love, Vintage Air; Keeping it Cool with the Latest in A/C Technology in your Classic

Our guest this week is once again Rick Love, the executive vice president of Vintage Air, the premier supplier of automotive state of the art add on A/C systems. Rick recently completed the Hot Rod Power Tour and the MSRA Back to the Fifties Tour. The 32 Ford was equipped with Vintage Airís Universal Gen II systems and rarely was set over medium and handled the Texas heat great.
I wanted to ask Rick about Mopar packages for the General Lee and see what Vintage Air offered. He surprised me with a very in depth knowledge of Mopar front accessory drives and differences one could run into. Vintage Air offers brackets and parts to make their systems a direct bolt in with no hassle. Of course Vintage Air offers it for many other vehicles including Ford and GM models across the board. Rick mentioned some of the new machine capabilities being added into the VA production line, like laser cutting, that allows for a wider variety of custom fit type parts in the future.

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