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The problem I had was when running the shifter in the front position over the top of the gear. Without a baffle over that gear sealing will be a challenge.

I altered my '69 Camaro stock console to use the rear mount position and that neutralized the leak problems. With my NGR quick release steering hub and the rear shifter position the relationship is ideal for me.

The new generation of Hurst Blackjack shifters utilize this seal which I work with them on as the first shifter leaked like a sieve when mounted in the forward position.

Here's the new shifter seal:

Regarding the shifter itself, I haven't driven a car with better gate/throw shifter. Especially taking into account the length of the shift lever.

I also had an early version of the White Lightning and it leaked worse than the Hurst. It felt similar to the Hurst but I'd still give the Hurst the edge.
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