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Default Dreamin

Ok attached is a side view.. rear fenders are
slightly flaired and a little lower, fronts I just
cut the lip and pulled them

Tires are 275s in the front on Simmons Racing wheels-17's
I have a set of Simmons for the rear but had the minilites
made with less offset to pull the tire in.. both are 17" with
315's... I think I could get 335s out back.. I have
Kumo V-710s and a set of Nittos for the 200 events
Headers- 3 1/2" collectors with 3" exhaust along with
the bellhousing are the low points.. I did raise the car
and now have about 2 1/2" clearance at the low points

Color was originally going to be black and at the last
minute I changed it.. was suppose to be Honda civic
color way back but he tweaked it slightly so don't really know
Cannot find my extra paint

Painter did mold both front and rear flairs and we put
rock protector on the rears but that did not last long
I put some pieces of carbon fiber on them..

Shaker was a bit of a project
I had the carb built to get rid of the dominator
as the hole was too far forward.. I then made
a plate for the bottom and top took a 3" round
filter and shaped it oval like.. it actually goes
right around the front of the carb.. then took my
old shaker and glued Oak pieces inside with inserts
and drilled down thru the filter housing and bolted
it down...cut the flange on the shaker to fit inside
the hole with clearance as it sits a little taller
Also had the manifold milled to sit level.. quite a project
but really wanted a shaker.. new glass hood has the
hole uncut but slightly depressed but about 3/4" too
short so need to do some work on it plus paint or wrap
it.. not ready to give up the stripe which was painted
on years ago.

Will try to get a better shot from the side down low

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