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Sorry got ahead of myself a bit. Need to set the length of the rod prior to cutting it.

I mock it up on my table to sort that out.

Copying the stock 4th gen geometry should make the linkage at a 90 degree angle at 1/2 stroke. It you draw a line from the pivot point of the pedal to the pivot point of the rod end the to the center of the master cylinder it should be 90 degrees. This keeps the side load on the master cylinder to a minimum. If you are failing master cylinders most likely your geometry it incorrect and your side loading the master cylinder.

While you have the assembly out of the car and on the work bench also verify the push rod is straight. The centerline of the master cylinder and the push rod should be straight at half stroke. In my setup I had to add two washers to straighten it up.

I later tack welded the washers on the pedal to make it easier to assemble later.

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