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OP. Good timing of this thread! I started about 2 weeks ago doing 10 minutes on the new elliptical we got each morning before work, and on non work days increasing it slowly. Today and Yesterday i hit the 20 minute mark. Also started being more careful about what choices of food I eat.

Originally Posted by Fluid Power View Post
The thing that helped me the most is exactly what Todd did, is write everything down that you eat. It is a huge PITA, however, if you use (it is free!) you can create a profile for yourself, your target weight and the time frame you want to lose the weight and it will do the rest. The beauty of this website (besides being free) is that it also has a mobile app. Download to your phone and use the barcode scanner to import foods that you eat. Log in to myfitnesspal, tap input foods, scan the label of your yogurt and boom, it shows up in your foods. Exercise in the morning? Make a note of it. (You should eat your exercise calories btw)
Thanks for sharing this.. Im a techie. Love gadgets like this. Just signed up and my my entries for this morning. Hopefully this helps keep on track.

Little background, I'm 32. 5'7", 175. I want to be around the 155 range, but more importantly, healthy and fit. Always been athletic, but as i've got older, you generally lose that side of things.

I see there is a "Friends" option on the myfitnesspal app, if anyone wants to join up for some extra tracking/motivation, feel free: toy71camaro is my username.

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