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Well it started out needing a complete floor ,then the trunk had some pinholes scatered a round . The tail panel had rust all a round the taillights. The quarters had been fixed badly. There was a small hole in the roof skin and It was well if we fix this then that 's not much more and on and on. I brought it to a guy in my area who does awesome work .He wanted $10,000 labor to put quarters tail panel floor and trunk. I had to bring all my own parts.
So I bought all NOS parts .I was ready to have him do it . Then I saw Mike's site and couldn't believe his work , for $3,000 more he provide the parts not NOS but the way he installs them I couldn't tell the difference. I sold the NOS parts and paid for half my work. I kept the front end NOS parts ,but the rest are from Mike. I spent a bunch more with add ons but its my one shot at this so I jumped in with both feet in the deep end . And I'm not sorry.
THanks for looking

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