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Originally Posted by Vegas69 View Post
I went through this 4-5 years ago. I got moser and wilwood on the same page and wilwood redesigned their retainer. It's plenty thick these days. Besides, I had the full circumfrance retainer from currie and it didn't make a difference. Went to a tapered bearing, 2 psi residual, shimmed the bearing races, 1" master cylinder and who knows what else. A floating caliper was the only solution. I believe it was a d154. Never a problem after anywhere.
Thanks Todd. I found one of your old threads (can't remember if it was here or on pro-touring), but didn't see a resolution to the knockback.

Do you still have the 2psi residual valve on there? What about the 1" bore MC? Just curious if it was strictly the Wilwood floating calipers that resolved your problem, or a combination all the fixes.
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