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Originally Posted by Vegas69 View Post
The solution is definitely in my thread but good luck finding it... ha

Everything diminished the amount of knockback except for the 2 psi residual valve which did nothing. My opinion is that the D154 floating caliper is the best solution to knockback on anything except for a car that is going to be raced 10/10ths. If you look at a majority of rear wheel drive factory cars, they have a floating caliper. The only time you see a fixed caliper is in a bearing pack situatioin like a corvette. There is a reason for that. Even with a traditional front hub, it can cause problems if things aren't in perfect working order. Wilwood has a solution for you. They used to advertise it.
Found it here, only 2000+ posts into your thread:

Wilwood does sell the full d154 floating caliper kit with internal parking brake now. I'll probably buy the whole new assembly and then sell off what I have as a full rear brake assembly rather than buying new brackets and the floating calipers and trying to sell off the fixed Dynapros by themselves.

I still need to rule out front knockback first, just to be sure.
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