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Originally Posted by dhutton View Post
You could go lighter springs but then you have to run higher preload to maintain your ride height. I find that a lot of preload can lead to poor ride quality.

The reason shock adjustment doesn’t do a whole lot is because it’s rebound only. According to Ridetech the spring rate is so high that adjusting the compression damping has very little affect because the spring rate dominates. So they don’t offer compression damping adjustment which is difficult with a monotube shock anyway….

I put the whole Ridetech level 2 package with Truturn on my wife’s 69 Camaro. Hated the ride, it was harsh. Sold the car because of it.

I would agree with both adjustment & ride.
honestly, I cannot tell much difference turning the knobs one way or another, not really much there for adjustment wise to really make a significant difference, and the ride, not what I was thinking I would have as far as comfort, also agree about changing springs, I do not feel it would be worth it and do not think it would really change it that much to make a big enough difference in my case.

Now, it did lower it and it does handle like a slot car (I feel) but I do no course racing, it really is just a driver, but it does handle for sure.
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