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Default 1969 Chevelle Turbo LSx-T56 Magnum-14" brakes-CTSv interior

I guess it is finally time for a build thread.

I have always been into cars and my first real build was in the late 90's where I put a Buick GN (turbo V6) drivetrain into my '87 Mazda RX-7. I put about 20K miles on it and commuted to work in it every day. Car ran mid 11's with a stock turbo on Nitto 245/50/16 Drag Radials. I had another stock rotary RX-7 with coilovers and Toyo RA1 tires with upgraded pads and tried road racing where I was hooked. Sold both cars and set out to build an LS1 powered '93 RX-7. That car I drove at the Sport Compact Car "Ultimate Street Car Challenge" in 2005 where I met Mike Maier and he was piloting the K&N sponsored turbo MR2 (it needed a bunch of refinement and he said was a handful to drive due to its on/off power). My car managed a 1.13g on 285/30/18 MichPSCup tires which was my goal. To prove the aluminum LS swap wouldn't mess up the cars handling.

I picked the Chevelle up in August 2012 off of Craigslist and surprisingly it was on there for a couple months. The story goes like this. 2 owner car originally purchased in Pasadena, CA where the 2nd owner bought it from about 10 years ago as a father/son restomod project. It sat in their garage about 30 mins north of SF for the entire time they had it. 93K original miles, Protectoplate, paperwork and service records dating back to the early 70's, factory Green/green 307ci, powerglide, 10 bolt non posi no a/c bench seat car when the original owner had it. 2nd owner installed an unknown mileage iron 5.3 with 4L65E trans and that was about as far as he got. No engine harness, no other real progress made. I had a bodyshop friend of mine come with me to look at the car and he said within a few minutes this is the cleanest rust free car you are ever going to find. Impulsively I bought it on the spot and put it in the trailer to take it home for some much needed care.

My goals for the car were to modernize it with EFI, a/c, better brakes/suspension, interior, and plush comfort. I hope that the car will run 9's with the turbo 5.3, achieve 25mpg highway, and be reliable with a/c as icing on the cake.

That week I pulled the engine/trans and in the following months installed a 2008 alum 5.3 with ported 5.3 heads, LS9 head gaskets, ARP studs, 225/223 114LSA cam, LS6 intake, ported TB, AutoKraft baffled pan, CarShop Inc 1" engine setback motor mounts, TC78 turbo, McLeod twin disc, and T56 Magnum, Holley 120# injectors. Most likely run it on e85. My buddy made 830rwhp with this turbo on a 378ci forged LS3 with ported LS3 heads/intake. I'm guessing I could make around the same.

Pulled the stock peg leg 10 bolt out and picked up a built Currie HD 9" with 35 spline axles, Detroit locker, installing 3.25 gears, with Torino big ends. TRZ adj upper/lower control arms too.
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Project: 1969 Chevelle, alum 5.3, GTS76 turbo, Chiseled Perf A/W intercooler, Holley Dominator EFI, Davis TC, JRi coilovers, 14" brakes, T56 Magnum. CTS-V Recaro seats!
Coffey Fabrication Nashville, TN doing the fabwork! 800rwhp+/25mpg+/9'[email protected] goal

1993 Mazda FD RX-7, built LS7, T56 Magnum, Holley HP, Davis Tech TC, 8.8" 3.73 Cobra IRS diff, DSS axles, Ohlins coilovers, big brakes.
CCW 18x11 front 315/30/18's and 18x12.5 rear on 335/30/18 RA1's, 2850lbs
[email protected] 165mph Shift-Sector 1/2 mile speed
441ci AllPro headed motor and 200lb weigh reduction in the works....

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