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In Germany we have TÜV. It is all so strict and so buerocratic. They all suck. But we have no chance. Once this is installed they take it and test it. And when they stamp it and make it legal it is legal and the liability is off our shoulders. At the same time I need to follow rules, regulations and pass their tests. And even if there is a better system that works better and is more secure, as long Not approved for street use or has been installed and used in legal cars - no chance - especially on systems that have a huge red sign that warns any idiot from the authorities that it is for race use only. Mark has a system that works with the OEM stuff. All OEM. all like this been installed into a serial car. This to be installed in our project would be the BEST!!

@beach cruiser, so you have a finished and working ABS system in your ride, too? If yes pm me. We should not destroy this amazing post here!
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