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Default Vintage Trans Am trunk lid fuel filler?

I have a vintage Enots Le Mans style filler cap (2 3/4" diameter) that I wish to integrate into my trunk lid like many of the old Trans Am race cars had. I know many had a dual setup but I'll just be doing a single.

I'll be going with a Rick's Tank with a GM ZL1 fuel module and VaporWorx PWM controller. My current plan is to run a 2 3/4" filler neck through my trunk floor and into the fuel tank. I'm hoping when I order my tank from Rick's, they can accommodate and instead of doing the filler behind the license plate, create a custom 2 3/4" filler neck out the top. The trick is going to be having it avoid the fuel module and still be where I need it to meet with the underside of the trunk lid.

My question; does anyone know where I can buy the fixture that attaches to the filler neck and seals with the bottom of the trunk lid for a Le Mans cap? I've seen many that are simply a metal cone with the filler neck coming up through it, having a small hole at the bottom going to an overflow drain hose and then having a rubber seal around the top that seals with the inside of the trunk lid. Then I can just cut my trunk lid in the shape of the Enots cap. Very simply and functional, and still allowed me to open my trunk easily around the filler cap.

I know Holman Moody made these back in the day, as I'm sure others did too. Prior to simply fabricating something up myself, I would like to find one of these to buy used. Anyone know where I can source one of these? It would be cool to have an original 50yr old unit.

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