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Originally Posted by Damn True
Just out of curiosity, what is involved in dropping an LS into a 1st gen?

Is it a huge can of worms?
In the end would it be easier/cheaper (both perhaps) to do something more traditional but with an aftermarket EFI?
No, actually its simple if you have the right stuff. This just happends to be our specialty.......

Things you'll need:
  • Engine
  • Conversion engine mounts
  • Conversion oil pan
  • Headers and exhaust
  • Transmission
  • Transmission install kit to include a cross member, modified hydraulic slave and bracketry
  • Driveshaft - Either shorten what you have or have a custom one built to your specs
  • Computer/electronics - There are quite a few companies making drop in wiring harnesses into non EFI chassis nowadays
  • Fuel system and tank for EFI system

I know I have probably left some things off of the list, but this is these are the main necessities for a swap..... depending on your chassis being a manual or automatic transmission chassis.

If you have a chance to go to SEMA, stop by.... we'll have everything on display. If not, our catalog will be here shortly with a comprehensive laydown on everything about this subject.

I just wish I could leak you guys some pictures.......
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