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Man that thing is cool. I have been building a truck with all C6 stuff. The C5 is almost the same. You know you talked about widening the body but why don't you just narrow the track width so it is all in the stock body dimensions. Just a thought, I got my Track width down to 60" ( from 68") I know you could get an inch or 2 more if needed. By getting rid of the cradles you can set the ride height pretty low and have tons of ground clearance. Man your shop looks super professional. I look forward to seeing more on your project. If you need some help with anything let me know. I could almost write a book with all I have learned from building mine, but I can't spell and my hands are to big so I hunt and peck the works out. My project is listed under C6-57. it should......... be at sema this year.

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