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It all looks good. Not perfect but damn close for a test fit. I'll mock it up a bunch more I'm sure. I'm fairly certain if it did taper straight back and not curve that the bumper would have to be stretched to line up.

I wish I had taken notes and done some of this type measuring/observing before starting. Oh well, live and learn.

As I test fit everything and work to get it right before welding, I'm facing another dilemma. Do I tug and pull to make the panel fit or do I go with the fit up that requires the least resistance?

What I mean by that is I can get the portion of the patch panel that bends to form the trunk edge lined up with the quarter on the car. Then, pull to get the belt line lined up. The curve of the panel then doesn't want to naturally follow the curve of the quarter. It drops in since it feels like I'm stretching the panel. I can get them to meet up with effort though as I push the panel up from inside the trunk.

The alternative is to start at the belt line and work my way up over the curve of the panel and then pull the trunk edge close but not lined up. The patch panel fits up to the curve of the quarter much nicer, but I would then have to cut down the panel to then bend the trunk edge out in order to line up with the quarter trunk edge. I really didn't want to do that which is why I cut out the trunk edge to begin with.

I'm guessing either way would work. I'm not looking for perfection. I fully expect bondo to be used to smooth it all out. I just don't want to screw it up or half-ass it. Suggestions welcome.


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