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Great video,

In 1981 ish - my dad bought a 1954 Corvette. Low mile car that had sat in a warehouse for many years prior. We had it until about 1988. I drove it as a 16-18 year old from time to time. It was SLOW! But cool. My dad put cherry bombs on it from K-mart. Was one of the best days of my life riding around in that with the two speed powerglide listening to the blue flame roar (okay, more like moan).

It was all original and had an odd feature. It had the front lower fender trim that has the wing up at an angle ALSO on the rear. It came that way from the factory. We took it to a Corvette show and had it judged. They marked it off for that and said we had to put it back "stock" - when it came that way. They were building these by hand and ours was like the 319th ever made (very early 54) - today they would praise that - in 1986 they told us we had a lemon!
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