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Originally Posted by vet57air View Post
Tried to start my crate LT4.... not a sputter. Fuel pump ramps up and I have fuel at the engine. ECU gives me a PO 00006 code, from which is suppose to be for a fuel shut off valve. Can see nor smell fuel on plugs. On the back of the engine I know of two plugs one on each side for the injectors and one other on the drivers side that looks like its for the intake (maybe pressure)? Anyone know where this valve is located? Is there a plug for it?

I see in the GM manual it makes mention of a "soak and idle" which is to connect the battery for 8 hours before starting. "Turning on the ignition for any length of time may cause you to have to soak an additional 8 hours". I didn't do the soak. Could that be the issue?
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