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Originally Posted by camcojb View Post
Seems like the IAC is either improperly set so it's so far open just to hold a normal idle there's nothing left when you add the load with A/C. Or it isn't working at all. Need to see what the IAC counts are at idle with no A/C and fully warmed up. You want the IAC to be mostly closed down at a warm idle so it can open further and bump the idle speed when the engine gets a load like A/C. Usually and IAC count of 20-40 at a warm idle and no load is in the range. If the IAC is at 160+ it's pretty much all open and can't do anything.

If it's too high you will have to bump the idle screw on the throttle body until you can maintain a hot idle desired speed, and the IAC can close down so it'll actually function when you need it. If it's DBW then ignore everything I just typed lol.
Jody Im gonna grab my scanner and check when i get home and see what the IAC is doing. OH and yes its a drive by cable.
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