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Originally Posted by 72Z/28 View Post
Steve please let us know once you fix this issue.
I am having exact set up as yours with OEM PCM and Cammed LS6.
The engine stalls and dies if I rev it when the vintage air AC is on. This happens when the AC clutch is engaged.

The rpm drops below the desired rpm and stalls. In fact, sometimes when letting off the throttle and pressing the clutch to come to a stop, the rpm drops and engine dies even before coming to a dead stop
Yes for sure I will post my results. So far I have swapped out my corvette alternator for a 2008 I believe Chevy equinox 140 amp alternator but havenít checked my IAC counts as my scanner wonít do that. Gonna pick up a new scanner and see what happens. I will post my results soon. Thanks everyone
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