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Talking Found a new project at Pomona

I've been lurking here for a while and "shopping" for my first Pro-Touring project car for about a year now. Sunday I found a car at the Pomona Swap Meet that I couldn't pass up.

It's a rust free 1970 Nova with ~86,000 miles on the chassis.

Looks like the car has the original paint, exception being the areas that have been sanded off. The guy I bought it from had taken the paint off "to show that it was rust free car".

38 years old and no rust. Gotta love west coast cars!

The car was originally 6 cylinder 3 speed column shift car. Still has the dead pedal which should come in handy with my future plans.

Somewhere down the road a previous owner installed a fuel injected 4.3ltr V6 w/4L60. Not my choice for a swap, but certainly different.

I was told that the car had been sitting "for a while" but it ran good. So, to get it home I decided to "test" out how good it was. We loaded and drove the Nova 105+ miles to a friends house in San Diego. Even though the 4.3 wasn't singing to full song the car made the trip without issue.

Haven't laid out the exact plan yet, but the main idea centers around motivation from a LS motor w/T56 and a host of Pro Touring gear (brakes, suspension, etc).

For the short term. My buddy is going to throw some primer over the bald spots. Once that's done I will get the car home and start tinkering with it. Plan is to drive it while I collect parts. Should be fun!
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