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Default 1969 Camaro Restomod Project Thread

Well finally got the urge to start working on the 69 again. Putting off any more work on the 2010 to start funneling cash towards my first car. I'm really excited about working on the car. I've picked up a few parts for it already (nothing too major).

Started today by putting the car on jack stands and taking off the stock hood. Stock hood will be replaced with a new steel cowl hood.
Started prepping to remove the 94 Z28 LT1/T56 setup. Motor has a new owner waiting for it, and the transmission is being sold to a co-working for swap into his 70 Chevelle SS.

Coming soon, I'll be removing the 10 year old MAACO paint job for something a little nicer. Car will be returned to Hugger Orange and plan to have the body completely refinished and all rust removed.

Also soon to come, picking up a 6.0L iron block later this week for a 408 build w/ L92 heads. Will be setting it up to be decent NA motor but plans to add boost in the future. Also may pick up a 12 bolt factory 69 rearend to build for this car to replace the 8.2" 10 bolt factory limited slip rearend. 12 bolt I'm looking at already has 4.10s and a posi. Already picked up a LS type T56 that has been rebuilt and comes with a Spec clutch (may/may not use, undecided).

Ultimately I would like this car to have full aftermarket suspension (ie front clip, 4 link, etc). For now I'm going to focus on getting the body work done, maybe get it mini-tubbed in the process, and get it running. I'll do suspension after it's running/driving. Easy enough to do and will let me enjoy the car about a year sooner for a while as I save up for the suspension.

Now on to the pics! Not much done today but car is still kinda cramped in the garage (working on making more room to work as well!)

In the garage with the 2010 SS:

Filthy LT1 setup (car has been parked for 5-6 years, most of which outside in west Texas):

Few pics of the new parts I have for the car (T56, clutch, hood)

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