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Lightbulb Project ~ " Warhawk "

Well, been putting off putting up details of this one. This here is a direct result of listening to others, (Rich) and keeping my other RS/SS somewhat stock, and not making it a full blown PT car. The plan for this one is Track and some street. Its going to get all the goodies. Got a jump start from Dave "Flash68", as he graciously sold me his front and rear set up off of his car. Thank you Dave!. and Thank you Rich, for coaxing me to spend more money!

What a purdy picture!
The day It came home.

The one on the Right - "Joan" - the RS/SS #'s Matching.
The one on the Left - " Warhawk " - SS Roller.

looking mean!


gotta love the chrome glove box cover!

Frame looks

Wont need this rear-end. 373 posi. (already sold it to a buddy)

more to come....

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