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Default 69 GTO with ExtReme frame by Speedtech

Hey everyone- You've heard of our new ExtReme C10 full frames as seen in our '67 C10 shop truck. Without major tuning it handled so well it took 1st place trophies it's first time on the track. Click here to see it...

Then came our ExtReme subframes for Camaros and Novas which have been flying out of the warehouse and will soon be popping up at events. Click here to check them out!

Now that same awesome totally new suspension is underway for '64-72 A body cars!

Our first test car for the '68-72 A bodies is this beautiful '69 GTO project brought up by Tony from Las Vegas. Starting with a shell in great shape, we'll be dropping the GM chassis out and replacing it with our new ExtReme full chassis, including the same geometry/ front suspension as the C10 and the subframes, and out back will be our famous Torque Arm!

Some may ask why not leave well enough alone. Well, we're not after "well enough" in our suspension design, we want to see our customers win races rather than just participate. We all know that the triangulated 4 link with a few tweaks does ok in handling, but it still has issues with bind and potential for wheel hop. The Torque Arm on the other hand allows for less bind in a greater amount of articulation, and won't disrupt handling by maxing out. It also allows adjustable ride height, roll center, pinion angle, instant center, and wheelbase.

Here's my Photoshop rendering to get the ball rolling...

-Ben, Creative Director

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