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A little disclaimer first. This thing will probably never see so much as a dirt road, much less trails (just like 99% of the giant 4x4s on the road) which is a shame 'cause even bone stock they are very capable.

Our '79 came factory with power steering and it is all mechanically fresh so for steering, we are sticking with it. If it was manual, I would be looking into one of the FJ60 conversions. I've read over on the IH8Mud forum that some have even adapted S10 boxes.

Suspension wise, wanted to keep the semi-factory look so no 4 links or 3 links. I talked to the guys at FJ Company while I was at SEMA and they use OME (OldManEmu) on most all their builds. I bought the 2.5" kit with the Nitro shocks. I definitely did not want more lift, she has to get a running start to get in it as it is... The OME is supposed to have the best ride you can get from leafs and you get poly bushings in everything along with greasable joints. The install was pretty straightforward and the parts seem high quality.

I have not driven it yet with the new parts, waiting on the carb to come back from rebuild (due today I hope!!)
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