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Originally Posted by fmf816 View Post
Iím looking so do a ls swap in my 72 camaro. Looking at the LS3/525hp with a 6speed. The connect and cruse or erod. Does anybody have this setup? Curious of likes or dislikes. Or other suggestions? TIA
I can tell you that the ASA cam that GM uses in the LS3/525 is not ideal. It doesn't idle well, is finicky to tune, and leaves power on the table. The only reason GM uses it is so they can use cheap, stock valve springs.

A buddy of mine went with the base LS3/430, got that BTR Stage 2 LS3 cam, valve springs, and pushrods. He was money ahead and his combination makes great power and drives great.

I like the Holley EFI options vs. the stock GM stuff because it is more suited for hot rods. The Terminator X Max would work great for this combination. I can offer assistance with wiring, tuning, and parts selection.

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