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I am glad you guys worked things out. The outcome was pretty nice! On another note I was talking to a friend of mine that has a '40's model Dodge. I don't remember which Dodge, just that it was a Dodge. A good friend of his is doing the paint job. I asked him yesterday if he had gotten his car back yet and he told me in about 2 weeks. He really seemed down in the dumps talking about it. I asked him what was wrong and he proceeded to tell me the story. My friend completely stripped the body and had it down to the bare metal. The car body was off of the frame and completely bare inside and out. It needed some body work, although no rust or bad dents. That is when he told me that the price of the car so far was $50K labor and 8K in materials !! What? The guy painting it has a home made paint booth in his back yard shop! I believe you should have to pay for what you get but I've seen some of this painters work and for that kind of money WOW. The bad thing is... They aren't done yet. This is being done here in Northeast Arkansas in a guys back yard!
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