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Originally Posted by 130fe View Post
Curtis, I think that F body one is a bolt in replacement for the 98-02 4th gen cars. Give those guys a close ratio version compared to the GM one. I donít see a reason you couldnít swap one if you already had a 4th gen one in your car. Honestly, I would just get a close ratio magnum(regular) and call it a day.
I didn't raise the trans tunnel in my 67 and the current T56 fits, but it's crazy tight. No way a regular Magnum is going to fit in there. From what I've read, the Magnum-F should fit, but.... we've heard that before. Was hoping to find someone that's done the T56 to T56 Magnum-F swap and get some feedback.

I blew the seal out of the tail shaft housing on my current T56 Stage II setup. Apparently a common issue and weak spot. Not sure how much fluid was lost or how much internal damage was done. Oddly one of the AC compressor fittings broke at the same time and the fluid leaked out. Pulled over upon seeing the smoke and found the broken line. Assumed the smoke was the oil burning off the exhaust. Mopped up what I could and headed for home. Hit the freeway and about 60 MPH experienced a very aggressive vibration. Slowed down, took the next exit and pulled over. Found the rear of the car covered in transmission fluid. Limped the last two miles home super slow. No noise, or smoke at the low speed. Cleaned the car up (top to bottom) and found the issue. Not really surprised. Not thrilled, but I drive the car aggressively.... cause that's what it's for. No big. Just glad it didn't happen on the drive home from GoodGuys Scottsdale last weekend.

Appreciate the feedback!

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