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Originally Posted by gnx7 View Post
I've installed a bunch of the F style units as they have been out for about a year now. The only real thing you need to change from your standard T56 is the 31 spline yoke. Otherwise it is a bolt in and your other wiring connectors are plug/play.

I'm pushing over 1200rwhp thru a 100% stock T56 Magnum F style in my LS9 turbo RX-7 without issues (this car isn't in my sig). Runs high 8'[email protected] and is a full on street car (3.31 gears in an 8.8" out back). I don't launch it hard as breaking stuff isn't my happy place. The shifting smoothness is no comparison to your older T56 and the .80 5th is great as you stay in your powerband better.... I shift at 7800rpm when doing 1/2 mile racing
That's a pretty good sales pitch. This goes inline with everyone else I've talked to that has any knowledge on the "F". I ordered one, along with the 31 spline yoke this morning.

Thanks for information vote that this is the right way to go.

Once the install process starts, I'll post whatever pictures I get.
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