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Originally Posted by JKnight View Post
Putting together my shopping list for adding EFI to my existing 408SBC and ran into a couple questions Iím hoping you guys can help with. Iíll start with this one:

I have a Dakota Digital HDX gauge package so it seems like itís wise to add the BIM-1-2HLLY module to pull some parameters from the Terminator X Max, but Iím finding there were past issues with that module not being able to pull over the Oil Pressure number. Anyone figured that out yet? Will the handheld still work with the BIM plugged in? Anything else I should be thinking of for using the HDX?
I have red the same but I believe they have been resolved. Dakota Digital was very helpful when I called with a few questions.

As for the handheld working, they make a "splitter" cable that you can have two plug-ins (one for handheld and other for BIM). There have been some issues with that I've seen on the forum but seems very hit and miss. Also have seen a few that are working with no issues. I plan to give this a shot when I get into my swap.
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