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Default Gt-1

Hendricks engine is supposed to be 830hp but no documentation
Lets say more than I will need in a 2700 lb car

I am going to use the car for track days.. Checked flag racing
has a race class that is small and will run it in that group
There are also others that run so looking into that
Car was run in SCCA and Nasa... not really interested in
doing that as there are way too many cars on track to deal with
I will modify this with a splitter etc and other things not allowed
in its sanctioned classes but don't care

I have won Scca Autocrossing championships and other road
race events in the past.. been there did that.. I want to go
and just have fun... I love an open track.. usually find someone
to dance with (driver about the same speed) and go have fun
Used to run my Pantera a lot with my Viper buddy

This car was on Racing junk.. It really is not an ex nascar it was
built for Gt-1/Trans am racing using a custom built Victory Circle chassis
They say Robby Gordan ran it at Sears one year but who knows
You can buy all different types of bodies for these cars
for like $2k to $5k. My buddy is looking at one and will
change it to a 1970 style Challenger body as he is a Mopar guy
These cars are relativity cheap if you look at all the work that
goes into them.... The owners usually cannot get rid of them
Weaver Trans am car will smoke this thing but $200k used
I paid $30k for car.. extra broken engine, 3 sets of wheels
extra brand new brakes, rotors, hats, quick change gear sets
and a ton of other things some are used but still good for me

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