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Default New project help!

Hello all,
I am getting ready to finally restart my project, a 67 Camaro, and I have a couple body related questions.
The car is currently stripped pretty far, it does still have a subframe and rear end just for mobility reasons, but they can be removed easily enough.
I am currently between places to do any actual long-term set up and work steps so I figure it would be a good time to outsource some body work.
The car needs:
  • drip rails
  • trunk gutter (I have the replacements already)
  • front passenger quarter patch
  • some tulip panel patches
  • rear passenger floor
    plus whatever other surprises show up once digging starts

I also want to add minitubs while I'm at it.

My questions are what would be a general ballpark for cost for this given back in a good sealer primer vs cost given back in color?

And what is everyone's opinion on painting before any other steps? I know the level of caution when building out the rest will skyrocket, but it seems like it would eliminate the need to blow everything back apart and give the car another sentence in paint jail (I may have a bit of a wait before I have an adequate working facility given the time frame of new construction). The car will really be mostly a "catalog" build with very few really custom areas, if that helps sway any opinions.

Also, does any one have any solid recommendations for a shop in the Austin, TX area for this kind of thing? I am pretty ignorant about the whole process, from getting a quote to starting the whole process.

Thanks everyone for all the help and inspiration from these sites,

p.s. I am going to cross post this a couple places, sorry if you get tired of seeing me pop up everywhere.
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