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Originally Posted by AMSOILGUY View Post
Maybe this topic will derail fast. Many people feel the same way as you Nick. Based on conversations I've had with people. The majority of people don't want to learn anything about it. I'm the only person in my family even extended who is in crypto.
Don't try to paint those who are warning against it as just "not knowing what it is."

I researched it quite alot 4-5 years ago, and even had some bitcoin for a bit. Made a bit of money. From that research, I realized it's not something that should constitute any significant portion of your investment portfolio. Sooner or later, it will collapse because there are no stabilizing feedback mechanisms for the price, and even as people adapt to the notion of a digital currency, nations will will ban bitcoin/any other 'coin' and create their own. It will be a victim of it's own sucess.

buying these coins as speculative 'investments' also isn't investing in "block-chain technology" either.
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