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Originally Posted by slimjim View Post
Defining Crypto in the way you delivered the question goes down the path of Bitcoin, XRP/ripple etc, ie the actual currencies used within various block chains., and yes they're being used as currencies, a large number of celebrities and sports players are now being paid in it. It goes a whole lot deeper than that with smart contracts via the way of the Ethereum block chain to keep it brief.
I'm about 6 months ahead of you, so yes, I missed the crazy days, but I've got a a couple of friends who have the stories I'm sure you heard that got you interested. The BEST way to learn more is literally YouTube, heck, If you find any great explanatory videos post them here.

The hard part in "Crypto" is accepting the lack of physical backing, and having faith in the future growth of the online. I believe the development of WEB3.0 and of course the "Metaverse" are a couple things promising a fine future.

I have a little crypto, literally just holdings in the ones I like, the ones that have uses and I see being used more and more in the future(no, not bitcoin). I invest more in dividend shares but I find some solace knowing that companies like NIKE, Facebook(META), Twitter(BLOCK), Samsung etc are all dumping 10's of millions into the metaverse.

Then their's NFT's...
Then there's gaming...
Are you in any NFT projects.
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