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The comments/love is certainly appreciated from y'all. Jonathan and I had been attending races together since we were kids (aka our families went) but for the past decade, he and I would attend the major enduros together. The Rolex24 at Daytona and Petit Le Mans were our mandatory hits.

In 2020, we did our usual routine of camping outside NASCAR Turn 1. The foxbody was still in work, and he swore his goal was to drive it down to Daytona for the 2021 Rolex24. As stated previously, he passed away prior to seeing that dream realized. I was personally torn about going to a race without my boy...but at 9pm Friday night of the last weekend in January, I threw together an overnight bag and departed at 4am Saturday, determined to uphold his wish.

Sunrise was always our favorite time...anyone who has attended the Rolex knows the feeling of when that sunrise breaks through. I have always positioned myself at the beginning of the grandstands at the point between NASCAR 4 and the Tri-Oval to catch that moment.

2021...I upheld his wish to get the foxbody to the Rolex at the zero hour. The Rolex is less than six days away, and this is the first time in over 10 years I won't be there in person. I'm torn, but I'm at peace knowing I did it right last year.

That being said, I will see y'all at the Rolex in 2023. Just look for the silver foxbody on gold mesh wheels...
- Peter -- 66 Le Mans - 93 LX 5.0 --
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