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Originally Posted by AMSOILGUY View Post
Nice! I got into that nearly right away when I first entered crypto($0.45). I plan to hold it for a long time. Do you earn interest on your Matic? I am earning 12% on mine and its being deposited into my wallet every 7 days. Its hard to believe that just for not selling it I will double my token count in less then 10 Years. Are you doing this with your holdings?

I stake my ethereum for 2.0, itís variable and now down to about 6%, in the past Iíve staked several whenever the APY is high, but for now only eth. I went through a ďtradingĒ phase during a couple covid hotel lockdowns and wanted all currencies available to me. It was somewhat successful but my trades just werenít large enough for decent returns worth my time, plus I got sick of checking the exchange every 20 minutes. So for now I just DCA each month about 1/3 what I do with stocks.

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