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Originally Posted by slimjim View Post
I stake my ethereum for 2.0, it’s variable and now down to about 6%, in the past I’ve staked several whenever the APY is high, but for now only eth. I went through a “trading” phase during a couple covid hotel lockdowns and wanted all currencies available to me. It was somewhat successful but my trades just weren’t large enough for decent returns worth my time, plus I got sick of checking the exchange every 20 minutes. So for now I just DCA each month about 1/3 what I do with stocks.

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Yes I stake my ETH on Coinbase for 2.0 as well, I think I am only getting 4.5%. I did that before I was on In my first post I put a link to did you check it out? I went in the discord for CDC and asked if all the same benefits for US residents is the same as Australia and it looks like you can enjoy the same benefits I am getting. The staking term for the Matic is only 90 days for maximum interest so it's not locked as long like the ETH.

My favorite benefit on the platform is the crypto debit Visa card. First the card is metal and comes in very bright colors which is pretty awesome. The card is a debit card not a credit card so you just add funds on it from your regular bank card for free and then use it like normal and receive coin back on purchases. They have 4 lvl's of cards. To receive the debit card you must purchase CRO and stake it for the debit card. After the staking period is over you keep the card benefits and can do what you want with the CRO tokens.

LVL 1 is $400.00 in CRO and you receive 2% back on your purchases.

LVL 2 is $4000.00 in CRO (LVL card I have) and you receive 3% back on purchases. The CRO you stake for the card you earn 10% on that CRO while its staked.
Plus additional interest on all other currencies in the earn programs . So the Matic I hold I would normally get 10% on the exchange but because I have LVL 2 card I get 2% additional interest. You get 1 VIP airport lounge benefit plus reimburse you for Netflix and Spotify.

LVL 3 is $40,000.00 in CRO and you receive 5% back on purchases. The CRO you stake for the card you earn 12% on the CRO while its staked. You get 2 VIP airport lounge passes plus reimburse you for Amazon prime, Netflix and Spotify, 10% discount on Expedia and AIRBNB.

LVL 4 is $400,000.00 in CRO and you receive 8% back on purchases. The CRO you stake for the card you earn 12% on the CRO while it's staked. You get all the benefits mentioned above plus more.

Its amazing to me what is being offered from the exchanges.
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