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Default Power Steering System

Hi Lateral-G faithful,

Not sure if this is the correct forum, if not, Admins please move. I am losing my power steering after the truck gets up to temperature or after a short drive. It only comes back after the truck has cooled down. The power steering fluid is hot which I think is the issue. A little about the truck. I have a 66 C10 with an LY6/6L90 swap. Used the donor truck's front drive accessories. I am also using an Astro Van hydroboost and a CPP steering box. I've replaced the power steering pump, the power steering lines, and the hydroboost, but see no improvement. I've also installed a 4th gen camaro power steering cooler. I'm hesitant to change the steering box only to find out that didn't work either. Any suggestions on what else I can check? If it's suggested to change the box, is there something I can check in the box that can be remedied before ultimately going that route (some kind of valve for instance)? FYI, the power steering pump has the dual return for hydroboost as the truck the engine came from had hydroboost. Thanks in advance.
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