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We got the car loaded up on the trailer and everything packed for the trip home, then went over to the awards ceremony where the USCA gave out the awards for the weekend. This is where I was honored, surprised, and excited to be given the Ridetech Renegade of the Event award.

This award is given to a participant that embraced the “doing more with less” mentality. One who didn't necessarily spend the most money on his car, but put the time and effort into it that made it still perform right alongside the higher dollar cars there. It is a beautiful trophy too…

Getting that award made my weekend. I’d had such a good time, and everything went so smooth and to top it off by being recognized like that…just blew my mind. Huge thanks to Bret Voelkel of Ridetech and Jimi Day and the rest of the USCA crew for giving me one of the most memorable weekends I've ever had. IF anyone reading this is wondering if they should attempt one of these USCA events or not, stop…just sign up and go. Trust me you'll have the time of your lives…and who knows, you just might end up getting some TV time as well. I know I can't wait to start watching the shows that start airing on MAV TV this Friday night.
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