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Originally Posted by rons69camaro View Post
I searched all over and couldn't find what I am looking for. Does anyone know what the pro/cons are for the Racepak over the Holley dash?
I went with the holley for the fact it is pretty much plug and play setup. Because I am running the holley hp ecu. However after I purchased it, You may be able to run a Racepak through the holley ecu can adapter plug in. I never researched it any further. Holley has another extension harness that plugs in to the back of the holley digital dash. For turn signal and high beam and a few other inputs. I think the street version of the racepak dash may have this already configured. Something to think about. I didn't think that far ahead.. . This extension harness won't be available until first quarter of 2016,, I called holley on this.. so I guess I will be waiting..
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